About Us.

Bear’s Tiny Homes, the Tiny House On Wheels brand of  Bears, Inc., is based in Farmington, Georgia (near Athens).

Mark Warfield is the builder of Bear’s Tiny Homes and the head of Bears, Inc. Mark has over 30 years of construction experience in labor, management and ownership roles. In addition to Bear’s Tiny Homes, Mark and his teams have built and renovated residential and commercial structures, historic properties, government buildings, boats, and racing trailers / recreational vehicles.

Bear’s Tiny Homes was established in August 2016. We introduced our first Tiny House On Wheels (THOW) in November 2016 at the Florida Tiny House Festival in St. Augustine; more than 60,000 people attended. At our first Tiny House show, with our first Tiny House On Wheels, we tied for Best Builder.

Laura Wilson helped start Bears, Inc. Laura is a long-time afficionado of sustainable housing and responsible development, and assists Bear’s Tiny Homes with design and operations.

Each home is NOAH-Certified
Built for you
Custom built for your
specific needs.
Your style
Choose your look
and materials.
Financing availible for
qualified buyers.

Custom Designs

Bear's Tiny Homes are Made To Order.

We will build from a basic model with standard appliances, finishes, and details
to a high-end designer home.  Your exact needs are addressed and
we custom build according to your wishes. 
These renderings below offer just a sampling of various styles
that we are capable of building.

How we build it.